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Johannisberg Castle

Johannisberg Castle visible from afar towers high above the Rhine valley. This is the cradle of one of the oldest and noblest grape varieties in the world. Since 1720 only RIESLING has been cultivated at this unique site and is therefore considered the oldest RIESLING WINERY in the world. The former Benedictine abbey is also the birthplace of the very first "LATE HARVEST" in human history which was produced here by chance in 1775.

Schloss Johannisberg.jpg

Vollrads Castle

The idyllically situated "Schloss Vollrads" is one of the oldest – if not the oldest wine estate in the world. 27 Generations – over 800 years - operated by one and the same family! The quality designation "Kabinett" also originated in Vollrads Castle in 1716.

Eberbach Monastery

Eberbach Monastery - secularized in 1803 – is considered one of the most important monasteries in Europe and the best preserved authentic medieval monastery complex in the state of HESSE.

Producing outstanding wines at the highest level is the historical and future claim to which Eberbach Monastery has felt committed for centuries.

The former Cistercian abbey also served and serves as an authentic monastic backdrop for various films such as "The Name of the Rose" with main actor Sean Connery as William of Baskerville.

Kloster Eberbach.jpg
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